Triplets Celebrating Their 22nd Birthday on 2-22-22

Triplets are known for their three-part harmony, but this group of Georgia siblings celebrated everything “two” on their birthday Tuesday. On February 22, the Bieniek family of Duluth, Georgia celebrated their 22nd birthday. 2/22/22, this is when the Bienieks turned the age of 22. For the past 22 years, Stan and Randy Bieniek have been waiting to celebrate their children’s “Golden Birthday,” when their age matches their date of birth perfectly.

Jill, Ross, and Jake were born to Randy who is also a twin on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2000. The three youngsters were welcomed home from the neonatal intensive care unit with two blue and pink storks in front of their house. This year, Randy and Stan revived the practice by building a large yard sign to commemorate the birthday. “Their Golden Birthday seemed so far away when they were born, and we thought about their unique date in history, but here it is! As they say when raising children, “The days are long but the years are short,” said Stan. In May, Jill and Ross will finish their education at the University of Georgia, while Jake will complete his degree from Georgia Southern.


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